The scholarship stipend enables these students to pay for school uniforms, school supplies and bus fare to school. Some also need money for lunch.

We select schools in Sakorn Nakorn and Udon Thani provinces that have a record of providing high quality education, and express an interest in participating in the RTSF program. The program is active at 2 schools - Thombowanpittayakhom and Nongluang Suksa.

Students who need financial help submit an application detailing their social history.

One of the teachers or guidance counselors visits each applicant at home to verify the data and interview the family. (Often students are found to be living in more poverty than they were willing to admit.)

Students are selected by the school from the pool of applicants based on financial need and academic motivation. A minimum of 75% of the scholarships are given to girls. We do not interfere in the selection process. The decision is made by the teachers and counselors who have known these children for years.

The students sign an agreement before receiving the funds
a. The money is to be used only for their education.
b. They will not drink alcohol or use drugs.
c. They will respect and maintain their traditional Thai culture.
d. In the future, when financially able to do so, they will provide scholarships to students in need.

The student’s attention to studies and behavior is tracked to determine eligibility for a scholarship in future years. We try to support the same students through graduation.


Each applicant is visited at home... a teacher or guidance counselor.

Often the student is found to be living in even more poverty than he or she
was willing to admit.

The guidance staff then meets to decide who will, and who will not, get a scholarship.