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The Rural Thai Scholarship Fund provides funding so that the students can afford to stay in school. Though poor, these children typically come from responsible families. However poor economic conditions or misfortune can ruin a child’s chances for a full education. All work is done on a voluntary basis. Every dollar donated goes directly to the students.

Recipients are selected based on need and desire to stay in school. Academic achievement is not a criterion.
A special effort is made to continue to support each student through graduation. A minimum of 75% of the scholarships are awarded to girls. The program is in place at eleven schools. It is run in coordination with the directors at each school, and with the assistance of Ms. Urai Treeworawet, Regional Director of Education for Udon Thani. Each year we support 400 – 500 students.

Just $100 a year

How much does each student need to be able to stay in school?
Only $100 a year. That is enough for bus fare, school uniforms and school supplies. Even in Thailand, that is not a lot of money, but it is more than these families can afford. There are no salaries or reimbursement of expenses.

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