You will get a receipt for your donation. It is fully tax deductable.
  You will get of copy of the application forms from the students that you have sponsored. This includes personal history, financial history and the name of the school which they attend. Money is noted in Thai Baht. Currently there are about 30 Baht/U.S. Dollar.

You will get a thank-letter written specifically to you (in Thai and English).



There will be a long wait for the letters. The process is slow and tedious.

Educate yourself about Thailand. There is a lot of information available on popular sites such as Wikipedia and Youtube. A visit to Thailand, if you can afford it, would help you to learn more, and help the Thai economy.

Make a donation to the Rural Thai Scholarship Fund. Any amount will do, but we cannot assign students to donors in groups smaller than five. This means that if you would like to receive the biographical data on specific students and thank-you-notes, the donations should be a multiple of $100, and a minimum of $500.

Contact us with more questions.

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